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Cathartic and Dirty

Janet P Caldwell Summer Cates Photography

Cathartic and Dirty

Most days, I am happy
I reach for the tall cupboard and stretch
fill my bowl with god knows what.
I attempt to eat . . . and grow.

Then there are the days when I look
for those cream puffs and cups
something to satisfy . . .
hanging . . .


like marshmallow clouds
in my sky.

And temporarily . . .
within arms length, unaware
of the reasons why.

I pull them off the tree
of this life . . .
take a bite
of my own

You see . . .

there is not an apple
orange or peach in this orchard
that satiates this hunger in me.
I just wanna be full.
I wanna be free.

Free to choose
exactly what it is
that I eat.

I’m tired of your bullshit lies
and crumbling cakes
piling on my plate.
They only make me gag.
I will consume them . . .
no more.

I should have known better
and somewhere in my psyche
. . . I did.

I simply wanted to try
something, anything
to satisfy . . .
I found it cathartic
and dirty . . .
But I found it within.

I found me.

© Janet P. Caldwell February 23, 2013

Video: Soul Shine ~ Beth Hart

Pic: Me ~ Summer Cates Photography

Mother and Daughter

Sitting in my cluttered room,
clothes on the bed.
Memorabilia collects dust.

I wanted to give her a photograph
of her Mom, with pearls.
Me, in the best light, serene.

In the early morning chill, I visited her.

She blanketed and scarved me.
Taking care, as if I were her child
on a trip to the park.

Camera in hand she captured life
in these tired, green eyes.
Relaxed and confident in her craft.

I watched in wonder, proud to be her Mother.
As if I could take some credit for growth.

Me, like an awkward child, following her
direction, she snapped and flashed.

Vignettes, with a thousand stories
only she and I can comprehend.

Confidence looming, she beams a certain light.
A safe harbor for lost children and Mothers.

This amazing woman, my love, my daughter.
When I grow up, I’d like to be just like her.

Thank you, Summer Elizabeth,
child of my heart, living in my soul.

I wanted to give you a photograph, with pearls.
Me, in the best light, serene.

Instead, you gave one to me.

© Janet Caldwell January 09, 2012
© Photo by: Summer Cates Photography
From my new book Passages